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Bob's PictureHi, Kids. I’m Bob, and here is my picture. You may have seen me on the Home page working on my computer.  I really enjoy studying the Bible and am learning more about it every day.  I wish I had started reading my Bible every day when I was your age.

It’s my goal to soon have a lot of fun things to do on this page and you may be able to help me.

Mark's PictureThis is a picture of my son, Mark, when he was a little guy. He’s a lot bigger now and likes to work on computers. He’s on the Home page, too, reading the Bible verse on my computer screen. Mark helps me a lot. I hope you help your Mom and Dad.

I’m glad you logged on to Bob’s Bible Blog, and I hope you will leave a “Comment.” A comment is just something you’d like to say to me (or to anyone who logs on to this post – maybe one of your friends).

You Are Important!

Because you are important, I’d like to know something about you, but not personal information.  Never give personal information on the internet unless you check first with Mom or Dad.  They will give you permission if they think it’s OK.

Here are some things I’d like to know about you:

1. Do you go to Sunday School or Sunday worship?
2. What do you like best about your Sunday School or  worship?
3. What do you like least?
4. What is your favorite Bible verse?
5. What is your favorite song?

You can tell me about yourself when you post a comment at the bottom of this page, and tell your friends to comment, too. Again, it’s a good idea to show Mom or Dad what you write.

In the future, I want to have a lot of things on this site that will be fun for you to do. If you have some ideas, you can share them in your comment.

Again, thank you for logging on and be sure to write a comment and visit again. (Don’t forget to invite your friends to also comment.)

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3 Responses to Kids’ Bible Stuff

  1. Mason and Payton says:

    We love the website and love reading our Bible. We love Jesus and want other kids to also. 🙂

  2. KAB says:

    Cool website…..
    We need to understand that we do not go to Church. We are his Church. We who live by faith and carry our cross daily, and love and believe in him are the Church – his Church and Jesus is the head of His Body. We go to a building to worship our Father in the name of Jesus and learn together (fellowship together). Do not let people tell you that you “go to Church.” It’s wrong and thats not what the bible says. If you have the holy spirit in you then you are the Church – one of the stones that makes up Jesus’ house.

    • Bob says:

      You are absolutely right. I stand corrected and will make some necessary blog changes. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you like the site. Please suggest improvements and/or additions.

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