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While there are hundreds of web sites relating to the Bible, I’d like to share some that have been helpful for me.   With each site’s url, I’ll list a few brief reasons for recommending it. – Search the Web’s largest library of online Bible study resources.  You will find commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries  and more.  You will think you have died and gone to heaven.  –  A Bible Teaching Ministry of Galyn Wiemers, contains a variety of material for Bible study.  On this site you’ll find Bible teaching video, online Bible School, Bible study audio, notes, photos, and mp3s from Galyn’s church sermons, Bible school classes and several trips to Israel.  This amazing site is updated daily. From this website you can: READ the entire Bible in many different translations; LOCATE any verse with an online concordance search; LOOK UP Scripture cross-references & commentaries; ACCESS the original Greek or Hebrew for any verse; COMPARE King James & Revised Versions side-by-side; LEARN about the fascinating history of the English Bible; DOWNLOAD the complete text of several Bibles via FTP; REVIEW the classic writings of historic Christianity; LISTEN to hundreds of hymns in midi files; HEAR any passage of God’s Word read aloud with real audio.  This is an awesome site. – Matt Slick, President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry shares much helpful information for studying God’s Word.  Your study of the Bible will be greatly enhanced through your use of this site.

http://www.gotquestions.orgThis is truly an amazing site.  Thousands of hours of work have gone into the answering of several hundred thousand Bible questions.  Searching is very easy and you will be glad to have found this site.  I discovered it while searching for information on the early history of the Roman Catholic Church.

 Please suggest sites you have found to be helpful in your study of God’s Word.

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