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Does God Really Send Delusion?

My goal in setting up this site was to make available a wide variety of materials for personal Bible study, but as I began to think and plan for this site, I discovered a voice on Family Radio influencing many persons around the world to believe some very strange doctrines–including “depart out” of the Church.  I think the heretical teachings of Harold Camping and Family Radio need to be addressed – not tomorrow, but now. God Will Send Delusion God has said that when people reject truth and begin to “love the lie,” He will send them strong delusion. Look … Continue reading

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Kids’ Bible Stuff

Welcome to Kids Bible Stuff Hi, Kids. I’m Bob, and here is my picture. You may have seen me on the Home page working on my computer.  I really enjoy studying the Bible and am learning more about it every day.  I wish I had started reading my Bible every day when I was your age. It’s my goal to soon have a lot of fun things to do on this page and you may be able to help me. This is a picture of my son, Mark, when he was a little guy. He’s a lot bigger now and … Continue reading

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The Place of Faith in our lives

Is faith really necessary for salvation? On another part of this site, we have listed some 26 statements by the Apostle Paul (26 “Proofs”) outlining the necessity of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as central to becoming a “true believer” and a child of God. Here I want to list forty more “proofs” from the authors of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Titus and Hebrews—all emphasizing the importance of faith in the Salvation process.  I’m also including an important verse in the Old Testament book of Joel.  (You may find other verses and I invite you to share them in your comments.) … Continue reading

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